Free Martial Arts Classes at the Kung Fu Schools

At the Kung Fu Schools we offer 30 Days Free Martial Arts Classes

That’s right a full 30 days where you can come along to any of our classes (Monday to Saturday), be a part of the school and get a hands-on feel for what it’s like to train at our martial arts club absolutely free.

Some people ask “What’s the catch?”

The only catch is that after 30 days free training I’m confident that you’ll have such a great time training, getting fit and learning new stuff that you’ll be here a whole lot longer.

Here’s the real story of one of our students who became an instructor …

“I’m going to give it one month … 14 years later my life has totally changed for the better”


As a total novice who nothing about martial arts, I didn’t even know how to start, how to train and what to do.  Heck I didn’t even know what Kung Fu was.”

So I’d go to one club – do a lesson and disappear.  Go to another club, do a lesson and … disappear.

Then one day I sat down and told myself I was going around in circles and told myself … “I’m going to try it for one month and if I like it, I’ll stay – If I don’t, I won’t …”

14 years later and my life has totally changed, I’ve trained, travelled, learned and done things I’d never have thought possible thanks to martial arts.  In fact my life’s biggest achievements are thanks to martial arts.

So there you have it.

Nothing to sign, nothing to pay for and absolutely nothing to commit to.  Just come along, give our Kung Fu School a fair trial and see how you get on. 

I’m not promising a life changing event over night – no one can – but I am promising real martial arts with more real benefits that you can wave a stick at.

We teach adults martial arts classes in the evenings where you’ll train alongside like-minded people in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our kids kung fu classes start from 4 years of age and are separated by age.  You won’t find your 4 year old alongside a 12 year three times the size – and all lessons are taught in a fun and engaging way that is age appropriate.

To arrange your Free martial arts classes call us on 01293 544 333