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~ Sifu Paul here from the Kung Fu School.

Thanks very much for visiting our website – before you check out our timetable and amazing facilities make sure to reserve your no obligation, 4 week free trial membership here using the form below.

Here are just some of the reasons adults & kids love training at the Kung Fu School:

  • Learn the discipline of martial arts for better focus, concentration and performance.
  • Skills to defend yourself and your loved ones.
  • To help your child beat the bully and develop the confidence to stand up themselves.
  • Bored of the gym and going no where on the treadmill.
  • Make new friends in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
  • To relieve the stress of day to day life.

We teach adults and kids classes throughout the week so you get a chance to meet our team of friendly instructors and get a feel for training in our Martial Arts classes.  With a full timetable we’re sure you’ll have a fantastic training experience at our school as you become fitter, learn to defend yourself, meet a whole bunch of new people and a whole lot more!

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Kung Fu Schools kids demonstrating some exciting Martial Arts


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