Fun and Confident

Confidence is the most important trait for a child to have. Let’s face it, growing up is tough and growing up without a lot of confidence is even tougher. Confidence enables us to do so many things, interacting with people, believing in ourselves and therefore achieving our goals, as well as giving us the strength to stand up for ourselves and others.

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At Kung Fu Schools we teach Wing Chun Kung Fu which is especially good for shy or introverted children as it really brings them out of themselves. It is also especially child friendly as it teaches both mentally and physically how to defend, whilst using as little violence as possible. Often a threatening situation can be escaped without having to resort to it and we teach our students ways of doing this from day one. Kung Fu has as many psychological aspects to it as it does physical and both are equally important to help your child to grow.

You will rapidly see that the benefits of learning Kung Fu really do extend far beyond our classroom. Children will become more goal orientated and more aware of the responsibility for their own actions.
The positive effects will be seen in everything from their homework to their all-round behaviour.

The rewards system we run at the school enables your children, not only to share their achievements with the school on a weekly basis but also be rewarded for them. As well as achievements we also reward children for completing certain tasks set for them at home, such as tidying their rooms or getting their homework done well.

The best way for a child to learn is if they enjoy what they’re doing and it doesn’t feel like learning. All the children at the school love being here. Fast friendships are forged and there is a real sense of camaraderie between them. Our classes are split into two age groups, so the little ones never feel overwhelmed and are completely at ease to enjoy the classes, whilst the older children are free to learn in a way that is most beneficial to them.

Your child will leave each class with *increased confidence *enhanced self-discipline and focus *a positive attitude and mind-set *the knowledge needed to stand up to bullies.

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