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Benefits of East Grinstead Kung FuFull-time, professional and fully equiped martial arts school for maximum results

Benefits of Kung Fu in east grinsteadEstablished with over 20 years helping local students learn martial arts

Benefits of East grinstead Kung FuTeam of qualified instructors to guide you from beginner to black belt and beyond

Benefits of East grinstead Kung FuA lineage and family history you can trace back to China and the Shaolin Temple


Sifu Paul HawkesMy name is Sifu Paul Hawkes,

For many years I ran classes in sport suite at the Felbridge Hotel, at Kings Leisure Centre in East Grinstead and the town hall in Forest Row.  I even had a class in Crowborough.

The trouble was… my students had to travel from town to town each night.  Training in venues that were nothing more than temporary homes for classes and completely unequipped.

There was only so much I could carry in my car and bring to training.

So in November 2005 when I set up a full-time, professional equipped martial arts school… my students have really reaped the rewards and seen the benefits.

Our school has wooden dummies, punch bags, training weapons and — just as important — it has the feeling and atmosphere of a Kung Fu school.  A place that makes you feel like wroking out and training hard.

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We’ll have a chat, establish your training goals and can let you know exactly what to expect when you start training.

Just in case your wondering about the free trial.  Asking yourself “What’s the catch?

Well there isn’t one.  I’m just so confident you’ll enjoy your training I think once you’ve started you won’t want to stop.

But you can rest assured… if at the end of the 30 days my school isn’t for you then we’ll simply shake hands and part as friends.

When you pick up the phone and come down the school — you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Be a do’er.  Take action and get started today!

Your’s in Kung Fu,

Sifu Paul Hawkes

Sifu Paul Hawkes, 5th Degree Master