Croydon Kung Fu School – Wooden Dummy Seminar with Sifu Paul

Anyone new to Wing Chun Kung Fu have probably seen, but is unlikely to have seen or practised any movements from the Wooden Dummy or Mook Yan Chong.  Sifu Paul visited the Croydon Kung Fu School on Saturday 29th November to teach a 1.5 hour seminar to students of Alan Paterson, the head instructor for the South Croydon based club.

For many Wing Chun lineages the Wooden Dummy is taught only after the student has learnt the Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu and Biu Tze form.  That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be gained from learning and seeing some of the techniques, footwork and angles learnt from dummy training.

Obviously it isn’t possible for everyone to bring a dummy or even have enough to practise on individually so Sifu Paul taught sections of the form in the air with applications.

Wing Chun Meng Geng Sau or Neck Pulling HandDummy neck pull with punch

Neck pulling hand from the Wooden Dummy for followed by a punch on Keith from the Croydon Kung Fu School.

Wooden Dummy Form Training

Practising the first section of the Wooden Dummy form in the air.

Sifu Paul with Jason

Sifu Paul explains key points to the group.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Fak Sau

Jason helps Sifu talk about the fak sau movement.

Sifu Paul with Keith from Croydon Kung Fu SchoolWing Chun throat strike

Working with Keith and Jason to teach and explain dummy techniques.

Wooden dummy punch

Students look on as Sifu Paul demonstrates how to control and attack.


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