Kung Fu Schools – Croydon

Based on Carlton Road, South Croydon – the Kung Fu Schools Croydon base is – headed up by Sifu Alan Paterson, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Wing Chun.

Assisted by a strong team of instructors (Si-Je Yao-Jin Chong, Si-Hing Keith Monk, Si-Hing Charlie Fox, Si-Hing Nick Brace and Si-Je Jo Harding) the club teaches Yip Man Wing Chun to adults and children at its full-time venue.

The Croydon School dedicates itself to providing the ‘best’ martial arts and self-defence training and has set itself the goal of helping everyone who walks through the clubs door as getting their Black Belt.

Croydon Instructor – Sifu Alan PatersonCroyon Instructor - Alan Paterson

A professional martial arts instructor, Sifu Alan started his teaching career in Redhill and Sutton before opening up the (London Borough) of Croydon school in 2005.

Having started his martial arts training with Judo and Japanese Ju-Jitsu – he started training in Wing Chun Kung Fu with his Sifu Paul Hawkes in Crawley. 

During that time he was fortunate enough to travel many times with his instructor (Master Paul Hawkes) around Europe to train with high level WingTsun Masters and Instructors such as Master Hans-Peter Edel and Sifu Chrisu.

Arguably the highlight of his training career was his trip with Master Hawkes to train with GM Keith Kernspecht (EWTO) and travelling to Hong Kong where he had a private lesson with GM Cheng Cheun Fun and gained an insight into training at the IWTO headquarters on Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Recently he has hosted a number of well attended and popular events – a dog training course to raise awareness and teach children how to act around animals and popular Self-Defence course with his partners at Total Care Security (who Alan provides self-defence training to).

The Kung Fu Schools Croydon Club is without doubt one of the most successful martial arts clubs in the UK with hugely popular kids classes and an evergrowing adult base – thanks to Sifu Alan’s hardwork, persistance and determination to make Wing Chun a household name.

Croydon Kung Fu School Facilities

With two large training rooms and a private lesson room – the Croydon club has fantastic facilities.  It comes equipped with Wooden Dummies, Weapons, Punch Bags (and B.O.B.S) and everything you need to excel at Wing Chun Kung Fu.

One of Three Training Rooms at the Croydon Club

One of Three Training Rooms for Wing Chun at the Croydon Kung Fu School

Students training martial art techniques

Training during lessons at the South Croydon Club.

Students train their punching techniques hard

Training hard during a special seminar.

Croydon Kung Fu School on Carlton Road

Based at Capital Business Centre, Carlton Road, South Croydon, CR2 0BS

Tel: 0800 197 4660

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