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We’re very lucky to have a rich and established variety of martial arts clubs in Crawley so here’s a guide to finding the right one for you!




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What are you training for?

People start martial arts training for lots of very individual reasons.  We speak to people who’ve been attacked and what to learn self-defence, some want to lose weight and get fitter while some are purely interested in learning a traditional martial art because it’s good fun.

Ask yourself what you’re primary goal is, what you would like to achieve and (most importantly) what you are likely to stick with!  At our Kung Fu School we can help you learn self-defence, get fitter (and stronger) as well as teaching you an authentic Chinese martial art.  The one thing we don’t do is competitions so keep that in mind if fighting is your main goal.


Is the timetable flexible and convenient?

Learn from my mistake!  You need to be able to train regularly.  If you pick a crawley martial arts club that only trains once a week here, once a week there and you’re shift patterns get in the way every other week…

… keeping consistent and staying motivated gets tough!

Find a school with a timetable that suits you and means you can easily make a couple of sessions every week.  Our classes are open 5 days a week for kids and adults to help you fit your training in around your busy schedule.


Check out the training facilities?

Kung Fu School HQ for Crawley, Croydon and Hastings

If you’re going to be spending a few hours a week in a crawley martial arts class then you should at least make sure you’re going to be somewhat comfortable!

Is the venue damp, wet, cold and mouldy?  Can you get there easily and keep your training up?

Does it have all the equipment you need to a) improve and b) stay safe!  No body wants to pick up an injury that stops them working or looking after the family from a nasty fall of slippery floor.  

Check the facilities and make sure it’s an environment you’re happy with!



Join in and try a free class


Peter Andre at the Kung  Fu School

We’re a firm believer in trying out a martial arts class and making sure it’s exactly what you want, will help you achieve your goals and is a place you can see yourself before making any financial committment.

Watching a class is very different from trying it first hand.  From the sidelines things can look a lot harder than they actually are so join in and find out for yourself.

That’s exactly why we offer all new students up to 4 weeks training absolutely free.

All you have to do is enter your details on the form on this page (or give us a call on 01293 544 333 if you want to move a little bit faster).

There’s no committment to join, buy a uniform or pay for any equipment.

Just join in the lessons, enjoy the experience and take it from there… one lesson at a time.


Why Not Try Our School FREE for 30 Days?



If you’re lucky most Crawley martial arts school might give you a free lesson when you start.  Since we’re giving you (or your child) the chance to train twice per week for 4 weeks…

… we think you’d be crazy not to come along and give it a try.

Of course we’ll ask politely if you’d like to join (we do have to pay the bills) you’re under no obligation to join, buy a uniform or part with any money upfront.

The school is a community of people with one thing in common… to better ourselves through martial arts.  It might be getting fitter, losing weight, learning self-defence or just for an addicitive hobby!



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Ask about martial  arts in Crawley

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