April 15, 2010 Paul Hawkes

Chum Kiu Video add to members area of the website …

Yip Man Wing Chun - Chum Kiu Form
Yip Man performing the Chum Kiu Form

A video of the Chum Kiu form (broken down into 3 sections) has been added to the membership area of our Kung Fu

Schools website for viewing.  If you’re a member of the school but don’t yet have acc

ess – visit www.kungfuschools.org > click Members > click Sign up and we’ll approve your membership at this end.

The site continues to grow, we’re adding new videos to help you with your training at home and to help get you where you want to be … faster!

If you’ve any questions please grab one of the instructors after your lessons and they’ll be more than happy to help (or ask me 🙂 )

See you in class!

~ Alan

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