Seven New Black Belts at the Crawley Kung Fu School

The Kung Fu School finished this years Black Belt testing on 5th December with seven new members to the team.  All seven students have been training, on average, over 4 years and some much longer.  Passing the Black Belt grading is only possible with a combination of consistent training over the years, technical expertise and putting it to practise on the grading dates.

Black belt testing is divided into four testing dates spread throughout the year – so passing the grade is more than just a ‘one off’ performance.  Each of the days focuses on a specific area of Wing Chun – it wouldn’t be possible to test everything properly on one day. 

Training regularly throughout the year, staying focused on the goal and racking up some extra hours outside of class are all a must if students are to really show some proficiency in Kung Fu and pass the testing.

A massive well done to (in no particular order):

  • Shaun Reeves
  • Steve Murphy
  • Chris Greishaber
  • Jason Holter
  • Paul Bunce
  • David Atkinson
  • Julian Warren

Thanks to Gareth Kirwan and James Igaz for providing an extra set of arms to train with.

Kung Fu School Crawley Black Belt 2009

From left to right – Chris, Steve, Shaun, Sifu Paul, Jason, Paul, Dave and Julian.

Now the real pressue is on as you have to live up to what it means to be a ‘Black Belt’.  Keep training, don’t let your level drop and help other students on their way to earning the landmark title.