Martial Arts Classes near Billingshurst for Children & Adults

Billingshurt is a village situated in West Sussex and is known for having some beautiful country views

and walks.

Martial Arts near Billingshurst High Street

Billingshurst high street. Ideal for Martial arts

As well as the lovely scenery in Billingshurst there are many attractions great for the whole family such as an adventure farm park where there are some great animal petting and feeding events and much more.
As well as places of interest there are many kids clubs and activities in the area for the residents to enjoy

and take part in.

Some of the clubs around the area are football, dance and rugby. While these can all be great for children to take part in, learning a martial art is not only a fun, new interest but there are also remarkable benefits for adults and children training.

Just 30 minutes away from your village, Billingshurt, rests the Kung Fu Schools Headquarters.
Kung Fu Schools is not only one of the leading martial arts schools in the UK but the only one recognised by the Chinese Governments Confucius institute.
Parents see remarkable benefits when their children are training at Kung Fu Schools such as an improvement in confidence, learning respect for others and having a lifetime skill in a martial art!
Adults training at the Kung Fu Schools also see brilliant and life-changing benefits like enjoying a more healthy and active lifestyle, being more driven to reach your goals and feeling safer on the streets.
The Kung Fu Schools has featured on many television shows over the years such as Soccer AM, Blue Peter and Peter Andre: My Life.
Peter Andre has been training at the Kung Fu Schools for just under 2 years and has never looked back. Not only does Pete benefit from the training, his son Junior is also working towards his black belt! Recently when speaking about his and Juniors’ training at the school he said, “Junior loves it and the Kung Fu Schools has exceeded all my expectations!”
The Kung Fu Schools holds annual parties which adds to the positive family community they have, some of the events are a Halloween party which is fancy dress and there’s a DJ and the Easter party which involves an egg hunt and races!
Also being involved with the Chinese government, the school likes to celebrate Chinese festivities such as the New Year where the children do crafts and have a great time!

Are you ready to start a life-changing experience with us? Pop down to the school or give us a quick call and begin your 30-days free training at the leading Kung Fu Schools in the UK, right now!

Sifu Paul doing some pad work with one of our Junior students

Sifu Paul doing some pad work with one of our Junior students

One of the Little Dragons paying respect
One of the Little Dragons paying respect