Martial Arts Classes near Bewbush for Children & Adults

One of the neighbourhoods in Crawley, Bewbush offers a variety of clubs and activities for both adults and children, including martial arts such as Judo, Karate and Taekwondo.

Just 2 minutes down the road is one of the leading Kung Fu Schools.

Kung Fu Schools Crawley offers martial arts classes for both adults of different skill, kids of all ages and women’s self defense.

Children learn brilliant skills with Kung Fu schools such as treating others with respect, working on their confidence, being driven to achieve goals and keeping a great level of fitness.

Adults training at the school gain remarkable physical and mental achievements as well as extra benefits with work improvement, being a better role model or even embarking on a martial arts career!

Kung Fu Schools is internationally recognised and the only martial arts institute acknowledged by the Chinese governments Confucius institute and celebrates all Chinese festivities including their New Year!

Peter Andre known for being very family-orientated, trains at Kung Fu Schools with his children. He speaks very openly about his love for the art of Wing Chun and the chief instructor of the Kung Fu School saying, “I have nothing but the utmost respect for my Sifu.”


If you want all Kung Fu Schools has to offer just nip down the road – so close to your neighbourhood, Bewbush, and try us out for a 30 day free trial!

bewbush centre

Bewbush Centre


Training some Chum Kiu

Training some Chum Kiu


Sifu Paul teaching a Junior student

Sifu Paul teaching a Junior student