The Kung Fu School: A Beginners Perspective…

Beginners thoughts of Wing Chun by Andy TurnerAn uncoordinated little clod, that’s how I felt during my first wing-chun lesson, self conscious, too.

Having not done any serious form of exercise for over twenty years. Other than being the owner of a gym card, using the gyms hamster wheel a few times a year.

I soon realised that the teachers will need the patience of a saint to give me any chance of learning the first form. My brain felt in overload.  However my mind and hidden fears were soon abated.

Sifu Paul, teachers and the other students had either once felt the same, or in the case of other new students, not only felt the same, but enjoyed learning in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Entering the school for the first time, I was greeted with a warm handshake a friendly smile and immediately took to the school.  For a few years I’d been searching for a martial arts school.  I was made to feel one of the family instead of an invisible outsider intruding into a threatening environment where smiling seemed to be a jailable offence.

The students are happy and really enjoying themselves. Mutual respect and an authentic, cheerful environment, with that chemistry I knew I had found my martial arts home.

Six months on and two gradings latter, I always look forward to every lesson.

It is not just about exercise or brute force. There is no force in wing-chun, relaxing my upper body is my biggest challenge.

Its foundation is living a life of integrity, harmony with true values which comes from inside-out congruence reflected in its deepest values.

Very noticeable is the spontaneity where student helps student/friends learn new techniques.

The teachers have enjoyable dispositions as they help us reach our goals, teaching with synergy.

I leave every lesson relaxed and more invigorated with new tools to put in to my box of kung fu techniques. Sharpening my tools with each lesson.

Andy J Turner

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