5 Tips for Dealing with Bullies

At the Kung Fu School we teach our students the physical and life skills to beat the bullies and predators looking for an easy target.  Read more to find out how.

Martial Arts to Build Confidence and Beat BullyingAnyone who tells you it’s easy to tackle bullying and put an end to the problem — obviously hasn’t been bullied — if it was that easy to stop we wouldn’t see the endemic levels experienced at school, outside school and even at home.

Bullying is massive problem — it creates fear, anxiety and ruins what should be the BEST days of our life.  Living without worry, feeling safe and enjoying our childhood.

Unfortunately bullying largely goes unseen and unknown.  It includes physical acts of violence, intimidation, verbal abuse and follows your child home through the internet and telephone (does your child use email, Facebook or text through their mobile phone)?!

The lives of our children are very different to ours, my school didn’t have a resident Police Community Support Officer on stand-by, weapons were a rarity and the internet didn’t exist!


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Did you know?   You child’s school has a legal duty to try to make sure your child is safe from harm?  If a school knows that a child is being bullied and does not take reasonable action to protect them, the school may be failing in their duty of care.


Source: Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) 2010

Anti-Bullying Tip #1

Communication is key to beating bullying.  If your child doesn’t tell you they’re being bullied – then it’s going to tough to tackle it.  Bullying hurts — it can lead to a fear of school, damage confidence and make children feel alone.  Some children worry that bullying may get worse if the school speaks to the bully.

Look out for signs that your child is being bullied and let them vent their feelings openly.

Anti-Bullying Tip #2

Keep a bullying diary.  It’s hard to keep track of events and the more accurately you can demonstrate bullying is happening the greater the chance you will be listened to and action is taken.

Make a note of who, what and when incidences occur.  Were there any witnesses, any other children involved, did you tell the school and if things have gotten better or worse.

You’ll also be better prepared to write to the school if necessary.

Anti-Bullying Tip #3

Protect your identity.  Modern life means bullying can follow your child into the evenings and weekends.  Teach your child to protect his or her identity, not to ‘add friends’ they don’t know online and to show you any threatening texts, emails or messages they receive.

Where possible use a ‘family account’ online and encourage your child to listen to their gut feeling and show you anything that makes them feel uneasy.

Anti-Bullying Tip #4

Say “NO!”  Bullies are predators who look for easy targets.  Unfortunately it’s the quiet, mild mannered and well behaved children that get picked up.  Teach you child to walk and talk with confidence.  To walk and talk with confidence — even if they don’t feel it.

Bullies are ignorant and cowardly — they’re looking for a reaction and walking away with your head held high isn’t the one they want.

Anti-Bullying Tip #5

Take part in a confidence building activity.  Taking self-defence classes and learning martial arts will teach your child valuable skills should they need to protect themselves but MORE importantly they’ll have the confidence to look the bully in the eye (or the weakest member of the group) and say “NO!”.

Remember bullies are looking for a easy target and a confidence child prepared to speak up for themselves is already a hard target and more likely to get left alone.


Call us today to find and
speak to a member of our team to find out
how our Kung Fu Classes can help your child

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