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Thank You… to students at Crawley College who created this short, fun clip on our Kung Fu lessons for their media course.

Welcome to the Kung Fu Schools

My name is Paul Hawkes

I’m the Chief Instructor for the Kung Fu Schools and as good as from Crawley after setting up my first club here back in 1992 (and around Sussex for even longer)!

If you watched the short clip above you’ll know that I was never a natural when it came to sports – I was the smallest in my class, always picked last and even went on to break my knee (which is an odd shape to this day).

None of that held me back (and if anything) it made me more determined to make sure that martial arts were available to anyone and everyone – regardless of age, ability or sex.

I’m a strong believer that “If you think you can or you think you can’t… then you’re right!” and all my instructors here a the Kung Fu Schools believe the same.

Our students come for all sorts of reasons but the most common are from people who’re out of shape and want to do something interesting and learn a useful skill… as well as getting fit and shedding a few pounds!


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A Martial Arts School with a Long History

For over 25 years now I’ve been training, researching and sharing my martial arts with other people.  And over those years we’ve have a wealth of knowledge walk through the doors of the Kung Fu Schools to share their expertise with the students here.

Sifu Paul with Bruce Lee student Richard BustilloWith Yip Man's son - GM Yip ChunWith Sifu Samuel KwokUK Chief Instructor for EWTOWith Grandmaster Kernspecht in ItalyWith WingTsun GM Leung TingTraining with Sifu ChrisuHosting a Wing Chun seminar with Sifu SergioWith Chinese Ambassador in LondonAt GM Yip Man's grave in Hong KongBodyguard training seminar in CrawleyWith Hek Ki Boen - Suhu Lin

Training and travelling around the UK, Europe, America, Hong Kong and China means you’ll be learning an authentic martial arts system (Wing Chun Kung Fu) that’s preserved hundreds of years worth of knowledge… dating back to the Shaolin Temple and beyond. And right now you can jump straight in without having to travel any further than our headquarters in Crawley, Sussex.

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Anyone Can Join Our Martial Arts School

Men, Women & Children have all excelled at our school

It doesn’t matter if your small, tall, big or thin… our doors are open to anyone who’d like to make martial arts a part of their life.  When you come in… we’ll have a chat with you to assess your goals and get your started right away.

It’s NEVER too late to start training!

The average age of our student hovers around late 20s to mid-30s with a bunch of students in their 50s all looking to enjoy martial arts.  You’re encouraged to push yourself at your own pace and find what techniques work best for you!

Never done a days training in your life?  No problem!

You don’t need to be fit to start training at our school – most people who begin are not and that’s exactly why they’ve decided to come down and join in.  Our instructors are all experienced and lovers of martial arts – they’ll know how to help you join in without fuss right away.

Our martial art is great for self-defence

Contrary to popular belief – martial arts aren’t all about jumping, spinning kicks and shouting as you punch.  The style of Kung Fu we teach here was made famous by film star – Bruce Lee.

Using fast hand strikes, low level kicks, knees and elbows – it’s a style famous for its practicality, efficiency and to help you defend larger, stronger attackers.

Remember… You get a 4 Week Risk Free Trial Membership!

Right now I’m really pushing this 4 week free trial because you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Just give us a call, speak to one of our friendly instructors and arrange your first lesson.  We’ll show you around the school, introduce you to the class and you can crack on and get started right away.

Everyday we speak to someone who says “I always wanted to start Kung Fu… just never got around to it” and before you know it the years have passed by.  No matter what your age, experience or fitness level – simply pick up the phone and give us a call.

When I started training many years ago I knew the only way to find out if martial arts were for me was to give it a go.  I tried for one month, then added another and another… turns out it changed my life for the better.

There’s absolutely no risk to you, come down and start your training.

If at the end of the 30 days at least you’ll know for sure and be able to make an informed decision… without having paid a penny!

A no brainer in my book!

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