You don’t have to train on the top of a mountain to create a powerful mind, body and spirit.  Check out Crawley’s premier martial arts school and discover…

How you can have a healthy body, a positive attitude, learn a physical self defence and feel more confident!

A message from Paul Hawkes, Director and Head Instructor

Sifu Paul, Adult Martial Arts instructor

Sifu Paul,    Director and   Adult Martial Arts instructor

If I could help you reduce the stress and worry of work, have a healthier, more flexible mind and body, a positive outlook on life and learn a traditional martial art with great self defence skills – wouldn’t you want to learn more about what the Kung Fu School has to offer?

Take a moment to imagine what you will feel like when you:

  • Become more relaxed with greater peace of mind.
  • Meet friendly, interesting, positive people.
  • Have great self defence skills.
  • Have better focus and direction.
  • Feel and think more positively.

I’m confident you will achieve these amazing benefits and much more at the Kung Fu School… because many of our students already have!


“When starting training I had the usual doubt – will I be any good at this? Almost 4 years later I am lucky enough to be an assistant instructor which has proved to me that all things are posible if you want to make them happen.”

– Dave Atkinson, Customer Services Manager

“I started to practice martial arts in order to improve my self defence skills. At Kung Fu Schools I found nice instructors with very good skills, knowledge & pedagogy (spelling? – still working on my English) of a simple and effective system. Wing Chun has become my passion.  It’s a martial art that makes you understand your body and drives you everyday … a lifetime support.”

– Nicholas Payet , Air Steward


At the Kung Fu Schools you’ll develop a healthy and relaxed mind, body and spirit

Adult Martial arts class chi sau

Adult Martial arts class chi sau

Now I don’t mind you if you’re a little cynical or sceptical about how a ‘martial arts’ school can help you achieve some of life’s most important skills, ‘the secrets’, if you like are self-esteem, better health & fitness, improved confidence and of course, the discipline to achieve whatever you want in life.  Maybe you’ve looked at more popular martial arts such as karate and taekwondo as a child and can only remember high kicks, knuckle press ups and lots of shouting.

That was my original path for years as a young boy and then a teenager.  At the time it seemed to be a pretty good martial arts class, with hindsight it did little to help my wisdom, grow my personality and develop spiritual growth.  Then I had the chance to study traditional Chinese Kung Fu with several well respected Masters throughout the UK and Europe.  What I discovered completely changed my training and my life.

Most martial arts and gyms today are far removed the traditional teachings of martial arts – that are deeply rooted in Buddhism and the Chinese philosophies of Confucianism and Taoism.  These philosophies go hand in hand with the physical, punching and kicking.  Without these teachings it is almost impossible to obtain the personal growth that can help you achieve an inner peace and calm.

Our classes in traditional Kung Fu offer development of mind, body and spirit, will combat stress, aid relaxation, create a healthy feeling of well being, improve your fitness, help weight control and instil excellent martial arts skill.

If self-defence and combat skills are your goal, the Kung Fu Schools is the real deal

For self defence..Many of our students train to achieve greater health and well being, and that’s great.  However others want to learn self-defence skills to protect themselves and their loved ones.

In the same way that all martial art schools are not equal when it comes to learning the philosophical and spiritual aspect at the root of martial arts; all schools are not equal when it comes to effective self-defence and how to avoid danger.

High kicks, flowery movements and gymnastic displays play no part in real self-defence.  What really matters is an understanding of self-defence strategies on avoiding dangerous situations.  When you have no other choice but defend yourself you must be able to attack key, vulnerable targets on your opponent that will work regardless of how big he is or how small you are. More important than the practical techniques, real self defence requires the correct mental attitude and ‘whatever it takes attitude’ for street survival.

I make a clear distinction between martial sports competition (for example, full or semi-contact fighting) and street self-defence.  In my opinion, both are extremely valuable but you need to remember that the two are very different, the settings, the rituals and the type of attack you might face.  Competitions have rules and a referee, the street has only one rule: Do ‘whatever it takes’ to win the fight.

Our martial arts classes in Wing Chun will cover modern day applications and exercises with traditional form training that will not only improve your health and mobility but make you a considerably better martial artist.

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“Having a training school that feels like a second home with a friendly family of students to learn with, makes all the difference to my training.  I highly recommend the club to anyone looking for a new club to learn Kung Fu etc.”

– Gareth Kirwan, I.T. Director

“Wing Chun is a great mental and physical work out.  The kids too really feel the benefit of the training & excellent instruction.”

– Fred Fisher, Hotel Manager


The Kung Fu Schools has become one of Crawley’s most popular and successful schools for martial arts for four main reasons:

  1. Our authentic and comprehensive training syllabus.You’ll appreciate your choice of martial arts schools when you start your training in authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu.
  2. Top notch training facilities. We have some of the finest training facilities you’ll find in the UK.  With two training areas, fully equipped with wooden floors, mirrors, bags and wooden dummies you’ll wonder why you trained in that scout hut for so long.
  3. Professional training and instruction.  As the head instructor I have dedicated the past 25 years of my life to training authentic Wing Chun with some of the finest Masters in the world.  My education never stops and neither does that of my instructors as we meet weekly for their continuous professional development.
  4. The longest established Kung Fu School in Crawley.  We’ve been teaching classes in Crawley since 1992 and in Sussex for much longer than that and are proud to be growing presence in the community helping out at local fete’s and events. 

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At the Kung Fu School you’ll experience some of the top training facilities anywhere in the United Kingdom

Crawley martial art classes at the Kung Fu School


Classes are conveniently offer four days a week in a clean, spacious and well maintained training areas.  Our fully equipped training rooms with modern training tools including bags, pads, mats and wooden dummies.

To make sure you ‘get ahead’ with your training:

  • All our classes are run in a serious environment with a fun feel as everyone strives to better themselves.
  • We never mix our adult and children students (or vice versa).  Each training syllabus is very different and tailored accordingly.
  • We accept students of all levels of ability and pay special attention to beginner students to ensure a strong start and are prepared for a lifetime learning and enjoyment in the arts we teach.
  • Beginner and advanced classes are held separately so you can learn at your own speed and satisfy your own training intensity.

How we compare with other adult martial art schools:

  • Size:  With two training areas we have the largest, permanent martial arts school in the area.
  • Facilities: Well equipped and permanently set up, our training halls are always ready to use.
  • Established: The longest established Kung Fu School in Crawley, we’ve been teaching martial arts for over 18 years locally.
  • Lineage: The Kung Fu School can trace our history back to some of the greatest martial artists of all time starting with the last undisputed Grandmaster, Yip Man who taught Bruce Lee.
  • Progressive: The Kung Fu School has links to some of the most renowned Kung Fu instructors in the world and continues to invite them over for guest seminars.
  • Timetable: A comprehensive timetable designed to make life easier for you, we run classes frequently throughout the week.

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More than just great classes, at the Kung Fu Schools you’ll also enjoy:

  • Weekend workshops run throughout the year for extra training.
  • Seminars with high ranking guest instructors from around the world.
  • A well defined curriculum that can take you all the way to instructor level (if that’s a goal)
  • At the Kung Fu School, you’ll learn much more than the physical side to the martial art we teach.  How to make healthy lifestyle choices that complement your training which include diet, nutrition, time management, motivation, replacing bad habits and surrounding yourself with positive, inspirational people and much more.


“I have found the Kung Fu Schools listen’s to what you want out of your training and does its utmost to make you achieve that on a very personal level.  Being that I come from another club, I find this the most important and has re-invigorated my training.”

– Keith Collier, British Rail

“A very professional but down to earth method of teaching a very enjoyable and practical system for taking care of yourself – in more ways than just self defence.”

– Chris Owens, Builder

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Martial art training
The many students of the Kung Fu Schools you train with will play a huge role in helping you achieve your goals.When you become a student and join in the classes, you’ll be training with many highly motivated and dedicated individuals from all backgrounds.  They’re committed to improving their mind, body and spirit through the practise of martial arts and will help you take your first step.

How do you know you’ll be training with motivated and dedicated students?  That’s easy – we don’t invite students who aren’t dedicated, motivated and committed.

Register today for your Free, No Obligatory 4 Week Membership

We would love to have the opportunity to meet you and give you the chance to participate in our 4 week free membership so that you can see for yourself the real benefits of the martial arts.  Before your first lesson, an instructor will meet you to discuss your needs, your goals and assess which of the programmes will be best suited to you and of course, answer any questions you may have.

To apply for your free 4 week membership simply complete our online form or you can call us on 01293 544 333.  We usually respond to an application within 24 hours Monday – Friday.

Don’t wait to reserve your place; there is no better time to get started than right now, today.


“Wing Chun has brought my joints back to life.  The training has become the focal point for my free time. The schedule of evening classes works very well for me.”

– Chris Grieshaber, Free Lance Consultant

“The benefit of my training is that if a situation arises outside of work I should be able to control the situation.
the positive experience through my training is that I am hoping to teach my son part of Wing Chun Kung Fu”

– Gary Lambet, Sales & Customer Service


Receive a great gift if you invite a friend or family member!

Training with a good friend or family member is a great experience, adding extra motivation, excitement and support for many.  If you have a friend or family member whom you think might benefit as much as your child, have them fill in the form below and you’ll receive a fantastic gift when you both enrol.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Kung Fu School, learning the real benefits of a great Martial Arts programme.  I look forward to meeting and speaking with you!

Yours in Kung Fu

Sifu Paul Hawkes

Paul Hawkes
Director and Chief Instructor
Kung Fu Schools

P.S. Don’t forget to ask about our family discounts plus and we offer a great Children’s Martial Arts Programme

P.P.S.  I know there are many reasons to put off applying for our martial arts programme.  You have so much to gain, greater confidence, a stronger body, better health the inner peace and satisfaction you’ll feel.  Don’t waste another day, week or year before beginning!

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