What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a self defence system based on efficiency, economy of motion and consistent form.  Focusing on form over fitness, brain over brawn, your own physical strength need not be the deciding factor.

Wing Chun was made famous by the late Bruce Lee who studied under the last undisputed Grandmaster, Ip Man, whose biography hit the cinemas earlier this year.  Coming from Southern China, Wing Chun places a great deal of emphasis on close range, practical techniques rather than flowery techniques and gymnastic kicking techniques.

Why Learn at the Kung Fu Schools?

The Kung Fu Schools is without doubt Crawley’s premier martial arts faciliy and arguably one of the best in the UK.  Fully equipped with modern and traditional training equipment, wooden dummies and wallbags, it has two training areas with solid wooden floors and mirrored walls.  There is no better place to take part in your first martial art lesson.

We are the longest established Wing Chun Club in Crawley, our first class opening in 1992.  After many years in local halls and community centres, the appropriately titled ‘Kung Fu School’ was opened on Spindle Way in 2005.  So when it comes to Kung Fu, we know what we’re

Having studied under some of the worlds most renowned (and sometimes controversial) Wing Chun masters, the Kung Fu School never rests on it laurels and is constantly pushing forward to develop its curriculum and making sure students have some of the best tuition available.  We’re confident you’ll not find another Wing Chun school teaching with a more comprehensive and thorough syllabus.